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Bio-hazard-Trauma Clean Up in Bakersfield, CA

5/9/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of NW Bakersfield was called out to a Bio-Hazard/Trauma Clean up here in town about 3 weeks ago. The incident happened inside a garage. Our certified technicians wore their personal protective equipment suit, also known as PPE. The technicians cleaned up the blood that was on the garage concrete floor, bagged it in proper hazard bags and then cleaned the concrete floor with proper chemicals in order to clean off the blood stain that was on the concrete floor. We try our best to get rid of the stain as much as possible and make it "Like it never even happened." We are here for you whenever you need us. For any tragedy that may happen, whether it's day or night, we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week including all holidays. Call the professionals in green at 661-588-3975 to get the job done right! 

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2/2/2017 (Permalink)


Trauma is definitely a hard thing to go through. Don't let yourself go through it alone! Let SERVPRO of NW Bakersfield help you through it. Not only is it emotional but the cleanup can be very dangerous. We are trained to handle these tough situations in the most professional and safe way. From decontaminating a property from sewage backup, hoarding, trauma, chemical spills and more, our crew has the expertise to ensure you that it is done carefully and respectfully. The following are some biohazard situations that we provide cleanup for.

  • Sewage backups
  • Crime scene residues
  • Suicide/death accidents
  • Homicide cleanups
  • Blood cleanup
  • Accident cleanup
  • Hoarding scenes
  • Animal waste/remains
  • Chemical spills
  • Tear gas cleanup
  • Meth lab cleanup

We know how difficult the situation may be, let us help you get through it!

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